We provide top-of-the-line repair of most trucks, cars, vans, utility vehicles and aircraft. Our repairs include leather, vinyl, plastic and fabrics. The types of repair can include, but are not limited to, rips and tears, holes, stain removal, paint removal, screw holes, peeling, etc. We can repair most everything in your car, truck and aircraft.

  • Stain Removal – Seats, door panels, headliners
  • Paint Removal – Fabric or any other surface in vehicle
  • Steering Wheel – Re-dye and Repair
  • Scratch Repair – Dash, door panels, center consoles or any other plastic trim surface
  • Screw Hole Repair – Dash, center console or any plastic trim in vehicle
  • Peeling Repair and Re-dye – Dash
  • Headliner Repair – Fix hanging headliners around door entries and windshield and repair any holes in the headliner
  • Heel Pad Installation – Floorboards when worn or when holes occur in the carpet
  • Plastic and Metal Trim – Repair, seal, and paint with matching metallic paints on Dash, center console and door panels
  • Fabric Repair – Burns or damage to fabric (velour); sewing fabric to conceal burns
  • Carpet Repair
    • Repair burns or other damage to carpet anywhere in vehicle
    • Re-dye carpet anywhere in vehicle
  • Dash/Cockpit Button Repair – Replenish worn icons on buttons with either acrylic paint or stick-on decals available online for GMC and Chevrolet models
  • Leather Cleaning – Deep clean leather seats, dashes, door panels
  • Leather Repair
    • Repair scratches and small tears in leather anywhere in vehicle
    • Repair deep and shallow cracks in leather anywhere in vehicle
    • Repair torn leather anywhere in vehicle
    • Repair seams in leather by sewing or flex gel repair anywhere in vehicle
    • Repair perforated leather seats
    • Re-dye leather anywhere in vehicle
  • Vinyl Repair
    • Repair all vinyl anywhere in vehicle
    • Re-dye vinyl anywhere in vehicle
  • Plastic Repair – Door panels, dashes, back of seats
  • Map Pocket Repair – repair any damage to map pockets located on back of seats
  • Sewing
    • Sew tears along seams of seats
    • Replace fabric panels on seats
    • Rebuild foam on fabric seats
    • Replace leather panels with vinyl on seats
  • Velour Repair – Velour flake color mixing and matching

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Prompt and reliable work, responsible for increased profits and sales

"As the owner of Country Truck & Auto, I have worked with John (A Master's Touch) exclusively since I started my business approximately 16 years ago.   As I was building my business, John was also building and refining his craft by working on my vehicles. Through the years, he has provided me with reliable and incredible reconditioning – from minor repairs to major reconditioning work. I would estimate he has done hundreds of seat repairs for us. I rely on him heavily and as I continue to expand my business, he has worked with me throughout it all. His attention to detail and ability to provide prompt and reliable work, has been responsible for increased profits and sales. I not only depend on him to do all of my reconditioning work, I also consider him family."

Mike W. Owner, Country Truck & Auto